TruVisionTM NVR 22P recorder, 64 IP channels, 8TB, H.265 NVR, 2U

แบรนด์ : ARITECH


  • Linux embedded Plug and Play configuration
  • Up to 320 Mbps camera recording bandwidth
  • Up to 64 IP channels
  • Up to 64TB embedded storage (8x 8TB)
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 support (depending on the number of HDDs used)
  • Flip-open front panel for easy HDD access, servicing and expansion
  • New icon based front panel
  • Real time Full HD recording
  • Motion detection, VCA, privacy masking, tamper detection
  • TruVision IP camera auto-discovery
  • Third party camera support via ONVIF and PSIA
  • IP camera configuration import/export
  • Custom protocol configuration (RTSP streaming)
  • Network redundancy
  • Integration of Carrier IP intrusion panels via SIA/XSIA reporting
  • Recorder failover functionality (one failover unit per 4 operational
  • TVK-800 IP Keypad support (no support for local display of H.265
  • USB DVD burner support
  • Full browser-, OSD- and software-based access for live, recorded &
  • TVRmobile app for iOS and Android
  • TruVision Navigator license-free client/host or standalone application


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